We adopted Bob from North Shore Animal League.

We had been to another shelter and although I know they were doing a great job with limited funding…we don’t much like Pit Bulls…no offense to pit bulls or pit bull owners, just not our cup o tea.

First off we went into NSALA and found the place to be very clean…the dogs were not barking or freaking out…they seemed happy and content…the staff all wore a similarly colored blue shirt with the NSALA logo on it. All the staff we spoke with were very knowledgable and helpful and seemed to love what they were doing. We wandered around and looked at a few more grown up dogs and had a few brought into the very spacious play area…where potential adopters can meet there potential new pets in an open and clean area.

Then we went into a series of rooms with a sign on them that said “Little Ones.” Yup, you guessed it “Cute Overload!” There were super cute puppies and kittens everywhere and staff hovering and potential adopters and their families looking them over and kids gasping and yelling “mommy can we take him home?” “Please, Please…he’s sooo cute!”

We chatted with folks and looked at all the puppies…and took a few out of their cages and played with them and then we met….this little guy:

I looked at Isis and she looked back at me with a big smile and said “what about this one?”

I looked him over and played with him a bit and looked over at Isis and said “Let’s Do It!, He’s lovely!”

The adoption process was smooth, but took a long time, they were short staffed in the processing area and I’m sure they could use a few big donations to help! Hint Hint!….this gave me time to chat with the staff some more and the other people that were thinking of adopting…..everyone was in a stellar mood as was I…very excited and just happy to be around such positive energy!

We took “Bob” home that night and it’s been crazy lovely ever since…

I can’t thank NSALA enough for such a great experience!


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